• Malan Jones
    As I was reading about Achan in Joshua 5:13-7:26 today, it made me realize the dangers of hidden sin. Because of Achan’s sin, the Israelites weren’t able to stand against their enemies (v.11 -12).  They took what was devoted to God, and kept it for themselves. Think about that for
  • Michael Jones
    Around 4:30 AM I awoke from a disturbing dream where I felt suffocated in my bed. I called on Jesus my rock, and I awoke. Jesus never fails me, He always brings me to life.  There are currently over seven billion people living on earth. Many who haven’t had a
  • jesusparty
    Jesus Party shirts in black In a dark world we are the light, yet that makes us the black sheep. We are different because we choose not to respond the way the world does , but the way Jesus showed us how. This shirt represents being different and leading the

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