In the last article we tackled the idea that a wall is immoral. In this segment we’ll be exploring if a wall is cost-effective because many have been saying: “Walls don’t work” “ They’re too expensive” ,  “ They’re an old way of doing things”. “ It’s a waste of money”, and “ There’s not an emergency at the border” Again we don’t bring up these issues to be contentious, but we bring them up
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Nancy Pelosi says, “ A wall is an immorality between countries, it’s an old way of thinking , it isn’t cost effective”. – The Guardian But, where does Nancy and her followers get their sense of morality from? I’m assuming , since she’s Catholic, from Jesus, the Bible and the gospel? If this is so…Did Jesus condemn nations for building walls and securing their borders? This is what we’ll be exploring in this article. Borderline Faith
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Jesus Party shirts in black In a dark world we are the light, yet that makes us the black sheep. We are different because we choose not to respond the way the world does , but the way Jesus showed us how. This shirt represents being different and leading the crowd to do right thing instead of following them in the wrong. Never shy away from the calling God has on your life be like
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Some people would say that socialism is better than capitalism because socialism seeks to care for the needs of all the people; whereas capitalism is selfish and only looks out for the individual. But what does God’s Word say about these two opposing philosophies? We first we need to define the terms “capitalism”; it is an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision,