Peace Talks | Stopping the Casualties of War (Week 1)


Will there be more casualties of war in America? As I talked to David Drum, author of " Peace Talks: The Good News of Jesus in a Donkey Elephant War", he brought to light that :

" Up to 90% of the country (Rwanda) had been baptized Christian, but they had never been discipled. Their identity had never become an identity in Christ... In a time of war, they reverted back to their tribal identity instead of living out their Christian identity."

We are at a pivotal time in our country, and who we identify with will determine whether we experience abundant life as Christ offers (John 10:10) or more division and destruction.

Drum goes on to say "as followers of Jesus, we've got to take the lead in being peacemakers." But, these are not just the words of Drum, but of Jesus when he says " Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God."(Matthew 5:9) Do you identify with being a child of God first? If so, then you are called to be a peacemaker! #peacetalks#2020election#democrats#republicans#voting#power

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