Christian First

In the book, “Peace Talks” Dave Drum highlights his friend Célestin Musekura who was a pastor in Rwanda before the 1994 genocide[1]. Musekura points out that 90% of Africa was evangelized Christian, but they weren’t discipled. They were a country of “Baptized pagans” and their allegiance and identity were Hutu or Tutsi rather than Christ. For them “Hutu or Tutsi” was first and Christ came second. This resulted in “Many watching their families get slaughtered” because their allegiance to their tribe was more important than their allegiance to Christ. 

So now I ask my fellow Christians, especially in the US “Does Christ come first in your life?” Or is it your culture? Republican, Democrat, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian… etc. If Christ comes first, then you don’t have to get the last word but can trust in God’s lasting Word. If Christ comes first, then you can take that grudge to a hearse, and bury it in the earth. When Christ comes first, he will lead us to a world of peace, harmony, truth, and grace. Where is your allegiance? Is Christ your king and will you let him be first? 

[1] Dave Drum, Peace Talks: The Good News of Jesus in a Donkey Elephant War (Tucson: J17 Ministries) 2020, 22

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